What is Yifuku?

Wishtee Sdn Bhd launched the first in-house brand, YIFUKU. Yifuku was launched since year 2016 specifically to cater customized image wears for all promotional purposes.

Yifuku, as the Ready-To-Wear Lyrca/Spandex Fashion Collection. 100% designed and produced by Wishtee Sdn Bhd. Yifuku prides itself for its unique trademark fabrics (Lycra & Spandex) with superior durability, stretchable, comfort and functionality, as well as its sleek and modern product design.

Fabric plays very important role to determining the costs, printing technique of shirt and how well a shirt will be able to hold its shape even after several washing and wearing.

Yifuku is made with 95% cottons and 5% Lycra/Spandex materials.

People love fabric with Lycra because it has great stretch factor. Lycra and stretch fabrics add comfort and ease to figure-flattering T-shirts, yoga pants, loungewear, skirts, and dresses that drape wonderfully.

We believe that with Lycra t-shirt or Spandex T-shirt, you can stay comfortable and stretchable with the customize printing design.

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